About the Journal

The JKUES provides an effective aid for the dissemination of Engineering and science researches, inspiring interdisciplinary research cooperation to solve the problems related to the engineering and science fields. The JKUES is not limited to a specific aspect of science and engineering but is instead devoted to a wide range of subfields in the engineering and sciences. The journal publishes original and review articles in the all engineering and science and all science disciplines, which related to the technology trends. The survey, tutorial and discussion papers from experts in these fields also are welcome to publish in this journal. The JKUES appears as two types; online (ISSN: 1858-8034) and print (ISSN: 1858-800X). Moreover, the JKUES will be reviewed with double-blind peer reviews, and the journal is quarterly published by year.


Journal benefits for Authors:

The JKUES offers many benefits to authors without any profit such as:

  1. Faster publication times 
  2. Excellent editorial board in the journal scopes
  3. Free color in electronic version
  4. Access free on-line issue of journal for one year.
  5. A precise, quick and beneficial peer review process