Redesigning & Manufacturing the First Punch for 107 mm Warhead


  • Abdelnasir Mohammed karary university
  • Abdelateef Altaher Abdelateef Mohammed Yarmouk Industrial Complex, Sudan



: 107 mm Rocket, Warhead, First Punch, Extrusion Process, Die Wear, Simufact Forming, Solid Work Software.


This paper is devoted to show the effect of changing the design of the first punch on the wear consumption of the second punch by redesigning, simulating and manufacturing of the first punch for 107 mm warhead in order to reduce the consumption in the second punch, increase the productivity and also produce the product with high quality. SOLIDWORKS software for design and simufact forming for analysis has been used to design and manufacturing the first punch. Simufact forming has been used to study the die wear to determine the consumption rate of the second punch. The effective stress that affect the properties of the final product has been calculated by simufact. A comparison between the second punch which has been used after using the designed first punch and after using the old first punch shows that the wear in the second punch after using the new design is less than the wear in the second punch after using the old one, which means the life time of the second punch after using the new designed first punch will be longer than using it after using the old first punch. The various machining processes which is required for producing the punch are done, beside heat treatments. Final results of this work show that it is possible to improve the dies and use it in the optimal way also it prove the possibility of manufacturing dies locally instead of importing it from outside Sudan.


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