Blind Adaptive Equalization for Aerospace Communication Channels


  • Elessaid S. Saad Karary University, Khartoum,12304 Sudan



aerospace; multipath; ISI; blind; equalization


In some communication systems, it is desirable for the receiver to synchronize to the received signal and to adjust the equalizer without having knowledge of a training sequence. Blind equalization uses the initial adjustment of the coefficients without making use of a training sequence. Different adaptive blind equalization algorithms have been developed over the past four decades. In this paper, we investigate the effect of blind equalization on space communication channels. The space channel under investigation is considered to be a multipath frequency selective channel having four paths. The channel is subjected to the phenomenon of InterSymbol Interference (ISI) which severely degrades the performance of the space communication system. Two blind algorithms are used in equalizer adjustment. The impulse responses of the space channel, the blind equalizer and the combination of channel and equalizer for QPSK and 16-QAM transmission are shown. The scatter diagrams for the transmitted sequence, received sequence, and the output of the equalizer using two of the blind algorithms are shown.


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