Study and Manufacturing of Heat Insulator for Thermoplastic Composite Propellant


  • omer elamin hamad gama technical center
  • amin AIG



Thermoplastic materials; Composite propellant; Insulator; Erosion rate.


The aim of this paper is to study the possibility of localizing the manufacturing of heat insulator for thermoplastic Composite propellant which plays an important role in modern warfare. The Original heat insulator had been tested and the mechanical properties were determined to take them as a reference results for the new one in working different formulation. The heat insulation materials which used are silicon dioxide, Titanium dioxide, Antimony tri oxide, calcium carbonate and talk powder. It was seen that, the using of the above materials grand good results in the first testing stage. When the heat insulator used in the production processes some remarks were appeared, such as the flow by heat during homogenizing process. One of the formulations suggested and tested, was passed all the production processes and tests in the real product and grant excellent results compared with the Original heat insulator. The erosion rate for local insulator was 0.36mm/s while the erosion rate for the Original one is 0.37mm/s. This work proved that, the production of heat insulator for Thermoplastic composite propellants can be localized successfully.

Author Biography

amin, AIG

assistant  proff.

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