Modeling and Simulation of Geometric Automatic Landing System


  • Elkhidir Tay Allah Yousif Karary University
  • Rasha Abd elrahman Defense Industries system Sudan
  • Muaaz Abdulrahem Ibrahem Sudan University of Science and Technology Khartoum Sudan



automatic landing system; geometry landing; PID; glide path control.


Landing process accomplished in major phases: The glide path phase and the finishing flare manoeuvre. With rapid advances in instrument landing systems (ILS), aircraft became able to operate safely in weather conditions with restricted visibility. Automatic landing facing problems such as: losing ground signals, and landing on airports un-equipped with ground signals during bad weather. The main goals of this paper are using airplane – runway geometry and the flight angle to generate the control commands, and design a spatial PID controller that maintains the aircraft fling along the glide path flowed by the flare and the touching down to the desired runway position. The controller controls the airplane longitudinal motion, lateral motion to get the safe glide path angle. The PID controller continuously updates the coordinates and sends control signals to update the airplane position to attain the safest landing. Results showed that the PID controller was successfully designed for this type of instrument landing system, this design has performed good response and the landing is safer


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