Neutralizing TNT Acidic Wastewater With Neem Leaves Powder


  • khalid hamid karary university
  • Abdelmoneim Massad Abdalla AIG,sudan



Biotreatment, Neem, Acidic wastewater, Explosive factory


This study conducted to substituting of NaOH used as a neutralizing agent for acidic wastewater generated from manufacturing of TNT in factory of Sudanese Military industries by natural material such as Neem leaves powder. The requirement for pH values of astewater to be disposed over 6. Four weights (5 , 7.5, 10 and 12.5 ) g of dry Neem leaves powder prepared and added to four samples of acidic wastewater with volume of 100 ml for each samples, the pH values of wastewater measured after four periods (1 ,2,3 and 4) hr for each weight added. The results showed the pH values raised from 1.7 to 6.94 and no any residual salts observed. The Neem leaves powder is effective alternatives for sodium hydroxide to neutralizing acidic wastewater at TNT plant.


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