The Relation between Burning Time and Burning Energy of HTPB - Based Composite Propellant


  • Ameer Awad Ebrahim Osman Sabigat Industrial Complex



Time, Energy, Relation


This paper represented a result of several visions of chemical phenomenon and several extractions and extrapolations of experimental works which included a relationship between energy related to a  chemical process and the relevant time which is required to achieve this process, but it must be taken into account that those mentioned experimental works hadn’t aimed substantially to study and state this relationship neither implicitly nor explicitly, but the results of those works have been exploited for another field after being compared with the relevant thermodynamic calculations. The  selected case study for this paper was the relation between the burning time of Hydroxyl terminated poly butadiene propellant ( HTPB)  and the caloric value of this material. The results reflected some relationship between the burning time and the change of the system energy during the burning process.


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