Analysis and Simulation of Tandem Charge


  • Ali M. Zain Sabigat Industrial Complex, Sudan
  • Mohamed Abdelgadir Sabigat Industrial Complex, Sudan
  • Nizar M. Ahmed Sabigat Industrial Complex, Sudan



Tandem, Hollow charge, ERA, AUTODYN


In the present work, the PG-7 (40mm) anti-tank hollow charge has been developed to double (tandem) hollow charge warhead by using a simulation program. The interaction of the precursor warhead with the Explosive Reactive Armor ERA was studied and the delayed time between the precursor head and the main charge was found which about 50 µs is with 350 mm penetration depth. The effect of precursor charge on the main charge was also studied and this effect was isolated in the delay period, in addition to the effect of precursor warhead jetting on the rear warhead the optimum delay time was found. This study was carried out using the ANSYS AUTODYN simulation program. And the model worked in several ways to reach these goals.


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