Study of Detonation Wave Profile of Shaped Charge for Different Liner Configurations


  • Mohamed F. Karar Sabigat Industrial Complex, Sudan
  • Mohammed A. Abdalla Sabigat Industrial Complex, Sudan
  • M.H. Abuuznien Karary University, College of Engineering, Sudan



detonation wave, penetration depth, jet density, penetration test


Shaped charges are explosive devices with a high penetration capability; they are used for both civilian and military purposes. Shaped charges are used against different kinds of armors, primarily as anti-tank devices. This work involved modeling and simulation to study the performance parameters of an anti-tank warhead of type PG-7 (40 mm) shaped charge with different liner configurations. The mentioned performance includes jet formation, jet velocity, breakup, and penetration (its main parameters diameter and depth of penetration). ANSYS AUTODYN software is used for numerical simulations. Different solver and modeling alternatives of AUTODYN are evaluated for the jet formation and penetration studies. In AUTODYN two solvers were used, Euler solver and Lagrange solver. There are four cases that will discuss in this work, case-1 represents the original PG-7 with a cone angle of liner and the explosive charge is comp-A3, case-2 is the same as case-1 but the liner cone angle is, in case-3 modify the shape of the liner from cone to bi-cone with angle 22.5o and 60o, and case-4 is the same as case-3 but the angle of bi-cone is 14.5o and 60o. The results show that angle 60o is better than angle 45o, and the shape of the liner with bi-cone gives results of penetration better than that of the conical liner.


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F. Karar, M., Abdalla, M. A. ., & M.H. Abuuznien. (2021). Study of Detonation Wave Profile of Shaped Charge for Different Liner Configurations. Journal of Karary University for Engineering and Science, 1(2).