A New Method for Correcting Deviation of Volatiles Content and Chamber Pressure for Single Base Propellant


  • Haider Elbasher Karary University
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Advanced industries group, AIC




Volatile, Chamber Pressure, Single Base Propellant, Method and Mixing


In this study, special treatment was applied to two production batches of single-base propellant to correct three of the most important properties in the final product. These properties are internal and external volatile content (IV%, EV% respectively) and chamber pressure, the special treatments depend on mixing two batches with different percentages of mixing starting with sieving and ended with blending to guarantee the homogeneity of the final batch. The batches under study (A and B), batch A with (IV% 0.53%) which must be not less than 0.6%, so it deviated from standard requirement and Bach B with (IV =0.88%), the treatment applied for these batches to generate (C and D) batches. Batch C was a mixture composed of (25% of batch A and 0.75% of batch B). batch D was a mixture composed of (50%batchA and 50% of batch B). Six samples were subjected to sieving and blending according to calculations to correct internal and external volatile content and chamber pressure. For all samples lab, ballistics test, and executive calculations were done. After the test observed that no significant difference between the test and the results of calculations for all samples with different mixing ratios either volatiles content or chamber pressure so according to the result achieved the procedure (Method) was dependable for correcting the deviation of volatiles content and chamber pressure. The selectivity of the optimum mixing ratio can be controlled by using the equation used in this study. The importance of this study in reducing material losses due to the non-conformity of the final product with the specification.


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