The Lethal Range Testing of Effective 80mm Air to Ground Warhead


  • Ali M. Zain Sabigat Industrial Complex
  • Mohammed A. Abdalla Sabigat Industrial Complex, Sudan
  • Mohamed F. M. Ahmed Sabigat Industrial Complex, Sudan
  • Salaheldin A.M. Badreldin Sabigat Industrial Complex, Sudan
  • Mouhamed Montaga Sabigat Industrial Complex, Sudan



composition B, lethal range, arena test


The air force is the most important weapon during wars and battles. Through it, armies can control and isolate enemy territory, carry out their own operations and missions, allow for the increased bombing, tactical air support for ground forces, parachuting, airdrops, and the passage of cargo planes. Countries are working to enhance their air force by increasing the number of their aircraft and providing them with the latest modern technologies in monitoring targets, accurate and efficient missiles. This paper will present a completely new design of 80 mm controlled fragmentation warhead for air to surface missile has been designed and tested, the results of the experiment showed a good performance for tactical characteristics such as lethal range which is about 19 meters.


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