Design of Electronic Circuit for Mining Explosive Detonator

Design of Electronic Circuit


  • Adil Elrayah
  • Ausabah I.A. Ahmed
  • Abdlrasool Jabbar



Exclusive, Mining, Circuit, wireless communication, mobile, integrated circuit


Designing of mining exclusive electronic circuit, safety for work environment is vital and important. The system devices contained transmitter block, which are containing computer monitoring software and internet modem. The other one is receiver block which is included explosive circuit and their components (i.e., a digital component mobile phone, ICs, and detector). To control the operation steps process used software program written with C++ language. The system was successfully built and designed. Besides that, it could capabilities of components set in the designed circuit. Moreover, the circuit and their components were operated carefully according to program sequence. The results are achieved the general objectives of the research. Also, it was match standards, specified in national standards for performances and appearances of such devices.


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