• JKUES, Volume 1, Issue 1 (October-31 2021)

    Cover Story (view full-size image): Disassembly for end of life products considered a very important issue nowadays, to keep an environment is clean as much as possible and reduce pollution by reducing industrial waste, the disassembly line is to solve this problem, but the disassembly line is facing more problems such as smoothness of workload in workstations, hazard parts in disassembly products, etc. To optimize these problems in the disassembly line, we proposed a multi-objective ADAM optimizer algorithm to optimize and balance the objectives. An automatic disassembly line is assumed to increase disassembly processes rather than manually. The mathematical model embedded in the proposed algorithm simulated in default disassembly line, a Pareto set used to detect for non-inferior solutions in the algorithms, and the results indicated to improve the productivity of between 400% to 500%, reduced the energy consumption between 50% to 75%, reducing the number of workstations between 80% to 95%, and reduced cycle time between 70% to 85%. View this paper

  • The 1st Scientific Conference for Aerospace Researches & Applications Sudan (SCARA-1)

    In recent years, much progress has been made in the development of Aerospace Science and Applications. Advanced Industries Group (AIG) cooperated with Karary University to organize the first Scientific Conference for Aerospace Researches and Applications (SCARA-1) on 22-24 November 2021 sponsored by Military Industries Defense as an advance step towards regional leadership with International standards. The conference covered 12 fields related to aerospace researches and its applications.
    The aims of the conference are to share knowledge and opinions between Sudanese researchers, Engineers, and Scientists in the aerospace field and its applications, so as to solve any relevant problems with available local resources and to emphasize the relationship between AIG as a military industries sector and scientific research in smart partnership with Karary University.